Tech Tips

Tech tips for some frequently asked questions:

My check engine light is on, what does that mean?

If the check engine light is on, constantly or intermittently, the computer in your car has stored ‘codes’ indicating a malfunction which could lead to engine damage. You should have this checked as soon as possible. Reading and resetting the codes can be done by anyone with a simple scanner but interpreting and testing these codes requires advanced diagnostic equipment.  At Utah Imports we have invested in dealer level computer equipment which allows us to properly diagnose and repair the cause of check engine lights.  In addition, our diagnostic scan tools give us full access to all the other computers in your car including transmission, ABS, airbag, suspension and other computer modules.

How often should I have my brake system flushed?

Have your brake system flushed every two years regardless of mileage. Brake fluid is a hydroscopic fluid (fancy word for water loving) and can become contaminated with water condensation and cause water corrosion. This occurs from heat cycles caused by normal, everyday use of your vehicle. Flushing your brake system will help prevent costly damage to the hydraulic components.  More importantly, this service will ensure that your brakes will work when they are needed most.

When should timing belts/chains be replaced?

There are specific time and mileage recommendations for the replacement of rubber as well as tensioner failures. Timing belt/chain replacement on most modern engines requires the use of special alignment tools. Many shops will install the new belt without the proper tools causing the camshaft timing to be off. This results in your vehicle running poorly and setting off engine codes. At Utah Imports we have invested in the appropriate alignment tools for the makes and models that we specialize in. Timing belt replacement is one of the repairs we specialize in at Utah Imports. 

My car is pulling to the right – do I need an alignment?

If your car pulls to the right or the left while driving you definitely need an alignment. An alignment insures that your wheels are properly positioned and within specification of your car’s manufacturer. Any time you have work done on your suspension, brakes or tires you should request an alignment. At Utah Imports, we offer computerized alignments with our on-site Hofmann system. We made this investment because Utah’s road and weather conditions can affect your car’s alignment, and we want to keep you safe out there.